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Everyone has a blueprint for success inside of them.

Discover yours. 

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You have a gift to give…

You have a passion… you have talent… you have a gift to give the world. 

Are people listening?

When I was a teenager, I was a professional performer in NYC. I didn’t grow up in the city… instead I grew up in a little rural town in NJ. One day, a local voice teacher told my mother that producers on Broadway were doing a nation-wide search, auditioning for the next Annie for a revival of “Annie” on Broadway. After 15 auditions, I got the part of Annie’s understudy, and my performing career began. Big break? Yes!

From there, I went on to enjoy a 7 year career as a working actress. But I noticed something… it didn’t matter how SMART you were… it didn’t matter how TALENTED you were… most of the time the smartest or the most talented person didn’t get the part. Heck! I wasn’t the smartest or the more talented when I landed my first job!

By the age of 16, I decided I wanted more control over my life… so I left the city and went to college. Years later I realized… it wasn’t the performing business, it was the way of the world…

It’s not the smartest or the most talented people who create success… it’s the people who understand the most about who they are and GO FOR IT!

Now, my passion is helping people learn to create authentic success. Start with finding out your purpose, why you’re here in the world, your Soul’s Agenda… and create a life you love from that foundation.

Meet Ani

Ani Anderson (MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC) is the #1 Bestselling author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching.

Ani’s clients are soulful, service-minded individuals who want to make a big impact in the world doing what they love. Ani helps them to go from impacting 10’s of people to thousands of people and taking the ceiling off their income. All of this without compromising their values of living life with an open heart.

Ani lives in a log cabin in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain. She, her husband, and their blended family can often be found swimming in the lake, skiing, playing a board game, enjoying the amazing local food, or riding the ferry boat back and forth to school.

“I have found Ani to be one of the most grounded individuals I have encountered in the industry- full of integrity. There are many out there wearing a “coach” hat without training, expertise, or the ability to help make an impact. Ani is a breath of fresh air – knowledgeable, real, and relatable.”

Shelly Van Goeye

Ani’s gifts of listening and reflecting are truly profound!”

Joan White-Hanson

“Ani is a true gift! She connects our inner world to match with our outer world. Our sessions together were magnificently powerful and transformational on all levels of existence. I honestly have come into my own power with tremendous love, understanding and acceptance of who I am, where I’m going and how to fully take physical steps  to thrive and grow.”


Lucia Voorhies

“I feel genuine, gold gratitude for Ani. She helped me find the path that would lead me to knowing who I am and every part of my life is better now that I am on the right road.”


Karen Waters

Find Your Soul’s Agenda

Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching


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